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Digital Analytics & Reporting

Marketing campaigns, no matter how well executed, often fall flat without a full understanding of campaign expectations, tracking and reporting. Digital Analytics is the science and art of clarifying a campaign's goals from the very beginning so that strategy, tactics, KPIs and, ultimately, effective reporting follow.

I specialize in working with new and existing campaigns to identify the key goal drivers (including discovery with stakeholders), appropriate strategies and tactics, and then KPIs and reporting that demonstrate:

  • What's working

  • What's not

  • What are the optimal changes to make

Typical engagements involve deep evaluation of:

  • Analytics: Review Client Google Analytics to establish baseline performance metrics and evaluate current activity

  • Marketing & Measurement Model

  • Google Analytics: Review Google Analytics to confirm setup, tracking, conversions, etc.

  • Tag manager setup and event tracking

  • Google Analytics Reporting

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