Most recently, I was Founder/CEO of thunderactive which I ran for 9 years. At thunderactive I worked with companies in real estate, professional services, healthcare / biotech, education and start-ups. I was fortunate to start and grew the agency to a multi-million company with teams on both coasts, supporting Fortune 1000 and regional clients nationwide.

In working intimately with clients' marketing teams as well as my own team members, I understand first-hand the importance of effective strategy that speaks to everyone within the organization, as well as the importance of tactical experience and implementation across all channels and, most importantly, how all of these pieces work together.

With my origins and passion in SEO and analytics, I always went back to the data to see what's working, what's not and what needs to change. Given this love of data, strategy and finding solutions, I bring my passion for online marketing to the forefront when working directly with clients. 

Whether or not you work directly with me, you can catch my latest presentation or webinar. See Speaking to see where I'll be next plus previous sessions.

Lastly, I got my start in the newspaper business. I'd be a third-generation newspaper publisher if I'd stayed in the "family biz". Given my obsession with words and developing data-driven strategies to engage with customers, I like to think that I'm still in the same vein as newspapers. I have a BA from Columbia University and a MBA from Yale University.