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6-Week Digital Marketing Diagnostic

This data-driven, agile marketing assessment provides a small-t0-medium sized business with indepth insights and a diagnostic of their current marketing and customer acquisition initiatives, correlation with company's goals and resources, and ultimately provides a set of recommendations, all within a relatively short time span.

Deliverables include:

  • Agile market assessment

  • Competitive landscape discovery and analysis

  • In-depth, data-driven analysis of current channels and campaigns

  • Review of analytics setup, tracking and overall performance

  • Review of current goals, activities and resources

  • Interview with key stakeholders to determine key business drivers

  • Alignment of goals, resources and appropriate strategy

  • Strategy recommendation blueprint

  • Lastly, technical SEO evaluation and implementation

A typical engagement looks like:

  • Phase 1: Initial engagement with client:

    • Kick-off meeting

    • Identification of key objectives and impediments

    • List of key stakeholders to interview and assess

    • Gain access to analytics and campaign tracking tools

    • Schedule any required interviews and discussions

  • Phase 2: Focus on implementation

  • Phase 3: Present recommendations deliverable and provide any in-person training and/or review

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